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SELLE SAN MARCO Short-Fit 2.0 3D Open-Fit Carbon FX Narrow 140mm

SELLE SAN MARCO Short-Fit 2.0 3D Open-Fit Carbon FX Narrow 140mm

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Made with a proprietary, 3D printed pattern, the Shortfit 2.0 3D Carbon FX provides support on the toughest road rides helping you conquer the steepest of climbs and fastest descents. The differentiated cushioning zones give progressive absorption and Carbon DNA rails provide strength and ensure comfort on every pedal stroke. This high-tech road-specific saddle with Carbon DLS™ Technology is one of the most advanced on the market and is the perfect way to finish your dream build.

Technical Specifications

DimensionsS3 140 x 255 mm - L3 155 x 255 mm
RailCarbon DNA
Intended useRoad
WeightS3 182 g (± 8%) - L3 187 g (± 8%)

Materials and Shapes

Superlight full carbon fiber rails with oval section (9,8 mm x 7 mm) with PATENTED DNA (Dynamic Node Action) technology which prevents twisting and keeps the front of the saddle narrow for great pedalling freedom. It makes the Carbon fiber rails even stiffer and, give to the central geometry a longer section to ensure more extensive saddle adjustment. This Rails is used on Superleggera and Carbon FX saddles. An adaptor might be required with some seat posts.

 High-performance nylon, enhanced with carbon fibres, built with variable thickness, reinforcements by ribs and bridges, which enhance the rigidity with ergonomy and durability characteristics, without affecting weight to the shell.

3D printed cover with dedicated and proprietary pattern featuring differentiated cushioning zones that provide progressive absorption over the entire surface area, ensuring the cyclist optimal comfort and support. 

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