About Us

What started out as a hobby has now transformed beyond personal fulfillment to a form of contribution to the cycling arena. Recognizing some of the challenges faced by cyclists: 

  1. Difficulties in obtaining items that specifically meet personal preferences and requirements
  2. Slogging from one store to another trying to locate needed items 
  3. Often end up finding out that items being sought are out of stock due to low inventory
  4. Uncompetitive pricing
  5. Purchased items cannot be used due to poor service and wrong information from the salesperson/ seller.

It is never JUST business and will never be that way for us. We operate by the highest principles and have a passionate heart for cycling. We are heavily engaged with cycling events, be it a jamboree, century ride or even a crit racing that we are able to relate and well cater to all the needs of cyclists perfectly.

At BIKEsikal.com, we provide a wide range of products including accessories, exercise equipment, apparel, other equipment and even bicycles for you to choose. And we are BIG in connecting with our customers. We are easily reachable through live chat and email support for questions and feedback.

"Let's have a moment of silence for all those who are stuck in traffic on their way to the gym to ride stationary bicycles."