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Muc-Off Fabric Protector 400ml

Muc-Off Fabric Protector 400ml

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Mojo for outdoor clothing: Fabric Protect waterproofing spray by Muc-Off

Has your outdoor clothing lost its mojo? Never fear! Fabric Protect waterproofing spray protects quickly and safely, making your outdoor clothing water-repellent again. Once applied to the surface, Fabric Protect waterproofing spray protects against liquids such as water, ketchup, honey, ice syrup, egg, oil and dirt. It forms an invisible hydrophobic coating and can be used safely on all fabrics. This includes leather, suede, cotton, polyester and breathable fabrics.


- colourless and fast-drying
- 100 % hydrophobic, with oil and stain protection
- for all breathable fabrics including leather, suede, cotton and polyester
- renewal of impregnation for outdoor clothing, backpacks and shoes
- does not affect flexibility or breathability

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