Fizik Vento Argo R5 Saddle

Product Description

Vento Argo’s short length allows the rider to sit further forward without placing undue pressure on sensitive tissues. It also features an ergonomic cutout, developed using detailed pressure analysis and input from medical experts. The dropped nose offers support when the pelvis rotates forward to add power or get more aero.

The seat is covered in low-profile foam that is reactive and springy, providing maximum feel for the rider and helping to transfer every watt to the road.

Vento Argo R5 is available in two widths: 140mm or 150mm.
  • Length: 265 mm
  • Width: 140  /150 mm
  • Height at 75mm width: 41mm
  • Length from nose to 75mm width: 114mm
  • Rail: 7 x 7mm
RM419.00 MYR RM519.00 MYR

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