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Elite Fly 550ml Bottle

Elite Fly 550ml Bottle

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Product description Elite Fly 550ml

Fly Elite is the lightest 550 ml sports bottle available worldwide. Its record 54 grams-only weight (550ml) is achieved through its variable thickness. Fly Elite is available in numerous colour variants for a perfect match with the frame of your bike.
The ergonomic cap with wider push-pull nozzle and wider Fly Elite mouth ensures high liquid flow, which is also guaranteed by the soft bottle body: just lightly squeeze the bottle to begin liquid flow.This is a key factor in order to obtain simple and effective hydration. This bottle is manufactured using innovative, odorless, soft and resistant plastic materials, which is the result of a 3-year long study conducted with multiple universities research centers. Fly Elite is food-safe according to EC and FDA provisions.


- Innovative, odorless, soft and resistant plastic materials.
- 30% lighter than any other standard bottle
- Bottle surface features a new grip that makes it safer and easier to use.
- BPA free
- 100% recyclable


- Diameter: 74 mm
- Capacity: 550 ml
- Weight : 55g
- Material:Plastic

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