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Campagnolo Crankset Chorus UT Carbon 12s

Campagnolo Crankset Chorus UT Carbon 12s

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The Chorus 12s Ultra Torque 12-speed crankset by Campagnolo - advanced versatility

With the Chorus 12s Ultra Torque 12-speed crankset from Campagnolo, only the best of technology and versatility has been assembled. The construction of the crank arms from unidirectionally-arranged carbon fibres - obtained directly from the mould without surface coating - represents technical advancement. The resulting high stiffness optimises power transfer. It also uses the same bottom bracket axle as the Record crankset, namely the steel Ultra-Torque. The versatility results from the new, reduced 123 mm bolt circle diameter, which guarantees a variety of applications. Therefore it is compatible with 32-48, 34-50 and 36-52 chainrings.


Application: Road, Triathlon
Compatibility: 12-speed Campagnolo
Chainring Mount: 123 mm bolt circle diameter, 4-arm

Technical Information:

Series: Chorus 12s
Crank Arm Material: Carbon
Chainring Material: aluminium
Axle Material: steel
Gradation: 32-48, 34-50, 36-52
Crank Arm Length: 170.0 mm, 172.5 mm, 175.0 mm
Chainline: 44.5 mm
Q-Factor: 145.5 mm


- cranks made of unidirectional carbon fibres
- symmetrical teeth for the inner chainring
- optimised design for every chainring combination
- also extremely diagonal chain lines possible
- double bolt circle
- surface-treated chainrings for extended service life


Ultra Torque™
Low weight, rigidity and easy maintenance: that's Ultra-Torque™. Years after its introduction, Ultra-Torque™ is still recognised in terms of strength, weight saving and power transmission as the best-performing bicycle bottom bracket spindle. Campagnolo has made sure that the two halves of the bottom bracket are inseparably connected to the respective crank arms. This new development has made it possible to considerably reduce the lateral protrusion from the frame, thus preventing the undesirable contact of the ankles with the crank arms during pedalling. Its assembly is extremely simple, a single oversize screw is used to firmly connect the two halves of the axle. Concerning effectiveness of transmission of momentum, this system can stand comparison with a one-piece axle.
In addition, despite the narrow side profile, it has been possible to position the bearings outside the bottom bracket shell, making the axle, which has been given a larger diameter, more rigid thanks to the increased support width. The extraordinary performance characteristics of Ultra-Torque™ have been achieved by using a system that originated in engine construction in the field of hitches and rotary axles: the Hirth™ gearing. This is a coupling connection with self-centering and self-aligning spur gearing, which is arranged in the centre of the inner bearing axle where the ends of the axle halves firmly connected to the crank arms touch each other.

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