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The Beam Corky Folding Mirrow

The Beam Corky Folding Mirrow

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Rear-view Mirror for cycling

Corky is a rear-view mirror for cycling mounted on the drop bar. As the mirror can be opened and closed, riders can use it as an end cap by closing the mirror when it is not in use. It has a 360-degree angle control function which allows riders to be able to notice an approaching car or bike from up to 100m behind you. 


•Rotates360 Degree

•Light weight(16g)

•Simple installation

•Bright Mirror ( 30Фmirror, range of view: cars from 100m, bikes from 20m)

•Can be mounted on all drop bars

•Compact Aerodynamic Design


•Color: Red, White, Neon Green, Gray, Sky Blue

•Size: 47*45mm, 32Ф

•Package Size: 50*65*120mm

•Materials: ABS, Polycarbonate (PC) glass, Steel Bolt

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