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Opitcal Clip - Alba Optics

Opitcal Clip - Alba Optics

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ALBA Optical Clip

Minimal yet practical, they will no doubt evoke jealously when worn. To enjoy the most out of the Alba glasses is has been developed an Optical Clip designed to be fitted with ophthalmic lenses by your trusted optician.  An integral part of the Alba Optics collection, the Optical Clip is an ideal alternative for those who are accustomed to using contact lenses during sports but suffer from eye irritation.

Features of the Alba Optics Optical Clip 

  • Compatible with all of Alba sports glasses: Delta, Stratos and Stratos Alpino. 
  • The two small rubber lens pads are the only point of contact between the clip and lens, protecting the surface of the lens from scratches and keeping the clip firmly in place. 
  • Designed to be mounted internally on the nose pad.
  • Includes a microfiber pouch to store the clip when not in use, a spacer nosepad, warranty and stickers.
  • Lighter Tr90 frame
  • Handmade in Italy
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