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DT Swiss GRC 1400 SPLINE 42 Wheelset

DT Swiss GRC 1400 SPLINE 42 Wheelset

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No cars, untouched nature and endless roads. What used to be the terrain of mountain bikers, also fascinates road cyclists today. DT Swiss Gravel wheels offer the perfect blend of comfort, durability and "off-road" performance. Made for countless off-the-road adventures.

GRC 1400 SPLINE 42

Introducing the Gravel racing king – GRC 1400 SPLINE® 42. The most sophisticated gravel wheel set out there on the market. With a holistic approach of engineering we re-thought the characteristics of a modern benchmark setting gravel wheel set. Aerodynamic efficiency, ideal support of wide gravel tires leading to unprecedented comfort and traction off-road as well as remarkable durability are only some of the key features that make this wheel set the perfect companion for your next gravel adventure.

Technical details

  • rims: DT Swiss GRC 1400 (carbon)
  • tire type: Tubeless Only*
  • construction: Hookless / TSS (Tubeless Straight Side)
  • outer width: 32 mm / inner width: 24 mm / profile height: 42 mm
  • brake disc mount: Centerlock
  • freewheel: DT Swiss Ratchet SL (36 teeth / 10º engagement angle)
  • spoke count: 24
  • spoke pattern: double crossed (both sides)
  • nipples: DT Swiss Hidden (ProLock; aluminum; 2.0 x 12 mm)
  • max. system weight: 130 kg

Legendary reliability | The wheels of the GRC 1400 SPLINE (Straight Pull Line) series are designed to provide Gravel bikers with components on which they can rely 100 % when they move off paved roads. Thanks to manual work, not only a precise manufacturing quality is achieved, but also the well-known, brand-typical reliability is ensured.

Ratchet freewheel system | The special feature of the patented freewheel system is that all teeth of the two installed ratchet pulleys always mesh simultaneously. Compared to pawl freewheel hubs, where the engagement surface is comparatively small, the loads are distributed evenly over a large contact surface by including the entire face surfaces. The result is lower point loading and thus significantly higher reliability.

Pro Lock technology | The DT Pro Lock spoke nipples prevent an independent loosening of the spoke-nipple connection. A patented two-component adhesive is injected into the nipple thread, which allows the construction of extremely durable wheels. Once the nipples are screwed in, the adhesive is activated and then fully cures. Repeated re-centering is possible without any problems, although the adhesive strength decreases slightly with each re-centering.

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