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Zipp Vuka Alumina Clips & Evo Extensions (B1)

Zipp Vuka Alumina Clips & Evo Extensions (B1)

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Critical to shaving seconds on race day, the Zipp Vuka Alumina Clips & Evo Extensions provide a go-fast advantage by achieving a wide range of positions to your racing preferences and physiological needs. Taking design input from expert bike fitters, the Vuka Alumina Clips & Evo Extensions meet the needs of time trialists and triathletes.

Available in top and low mount configurations with 70- and 110-millimeter aluminum Evo Extensions, the Vuka Alumina Clips provide more customization than any clip-on aero bar on the market. Both versions feature angular and rotational adjustments for dialing in the fit to your exact preferences. In top mount configuration, you'll find the armrest pads go as narrow as 140 millimeters, whereas you can achieve an even narrower 104-millimeter width in the low mount configuration. At their maximum width, the pads extend to 280 millimeters from center-to-center. Another impressive adjustment, the armrest raises as high as four inches above the base bar. This helps to take the edge off time trial bikes with aggressive geometry.

The Vuka Alumina Clips & Evo Extensions feature a 22.2-millimeter extension clip and 31.8-millimeter bar clamp diameter, meaning they're compatible with nearly every base bar and extension on the market. This means they play nicely with aftermarket options, should you desire greater customization options that what's available from Zipp. The Evo Extensions feature a multi-radius bend with 20 millimeter inward roll for exceptional comfort and the ability to place your hands closer and slightly higher for an aero advantage. Plug-style shifter attachments mean you won't have to break your aero tuck while shifting, and internal cable routing provides a cleaner aesthetic.

  • Groundbreaking level of fit customization and aero efficiency
  • Top mount with 70 Evo Extension, low mount with 110mm Evo Extension
  • 22.2mm extension clip, 31.8mm bar clamp diameter for compatibility
  • Vuka Alumina Clips adjust in width, height, angle, and rotation
  • Evo Extensions with 20mm inward roll for comfortable aero positioning
  • Plug-style shifter attachments and internal cable routing
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