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The oval chainrings optimize pedaling and eliminate stress on the knees. It is a simple, cheap and effective way to improve performance.

With an optimal orientation setting for most cyclists. It takes advantage of inertia that, during the descending path of the plate, passes through a neutral point smoothly and quickly. This gives an effective pedaling and protection for your knees.

The "ovality" changes depending on the size of the plate, but the timing is fixed.

Double road chainring: 8.1 to 8.8% / 114º timing

MTB single point: 12.7 to 14.4% / timing 110º

1 oval position suitable for all users


Advantages of oval dishes

Optimization of pedaling with the reduction of the neutral point

Less fatigue and stress on the knees

Better cadence

Increased power

Increase performance


General characteristics:

AL 7075 CNC

Wide / Narrow Teeth - Wide / Narrow

Valid for 10-11 and 12v.

DIRECT MOUNT BOOST 3 SCREWS: 30-32-34-36 teeth

DIRECT MOUNT 3 SCREWS: 30-32-34 teeth

104 BCD: 34 teeth

96 BCD: 32-34-36 teeth

Weight: 45 to 75 grs depending on model

Anodized black color

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