TheBeam Wheel Flash Reflective Sticker

Product Description
Product Description THE BEAM WHEEL FLASH Hi-Visibility Reflective Sticker , Reflect light Sticker , Visible Reflect Sticker for Bicycle - Made in Korea - 100% Original THE BEAM - Hi-Visibility Reflective Sticker - 8pc per pack Specifications:- ✅ 8 Pre-cut adhesives reflectors ✅ Waterproof ✅ Glass powder technology guarantees extraordinary visibility ✅ Visible from up to 400mts away ✅ Eye-catching ✅ No air-drag ✅ Removed without residues / damaging rims ✅ Suitable for all rims: carbon, aluminium & steel
RM80.00 MYR RM89.00 MYR

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