Sram Centerline Disc Brake 6 Bolt Rotor

Product Description
The Centerline Rotor was designed to keep the center of friction consistent throughout rotation thereby minimizing vibration offering consistent performance and a quiet ride. This version features rounded edges for UCI-compliance and to allow for easier wheel changes.
Disc: 6-bolt | 140mm, 160mm, 180mm, 200mm, 220mm
Included in delivery: 1 brake disc with 6 screws
Manufacturer item code: 140mm: 00.5018.037.012
180mm: 00.5018.037.014
200mm: 00.5018.037.015
220mm: 00.5018.037.031
Material: stainless steel
Weight supplement: 160mm | weighted by Bike24
RM205.00 MYR

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