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Shimano Ultegra R-8170 Wheelset -12Speed)

Shimano Ultegra R-8170 Wheelset -12Speed)

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Shimano Ultegra WH-R8170 wheelset

With the current range, full carbon rims have also made their debut on the wheels of the Ultegra series. As with the Dura Ace counterparts, the balanced relationship between three factors was at the forefront of the development: aerodynamics, stiffness and lower weight.

The Tubeless design of the WH-R8170 wheels not only ensures the appropriate propulsion and efficient power development, but also guarantees reliable performance in daily use. Compatibility with the proven 11-speed as well as the new 12-speed road cassettes is just as practical as comfortable.


C50 rim profile – Aerodynamic all-rounder

The reduction of aerodynamic drag is the main discipline of the WH-R8170-C50 wheelset. In addition, the low overall weight and the resulting low rotating mass in combination with outstanding lateral and drivetrain stiffness lead to a balanced ratio of those values that significantly determine performance.

The 50 mm deep wheels owe their aerodynamic efficiency not least to the sophisticated D2 rim design. In combination with the low weight, the wheels feel at home almost everywhere, whether be it on long climbs, on winding descents, cruising in flat terrain or when chasing best times.

The new wheel generation not only shines with reduced air resistance, but also offers technical refinements. The OPTBAL system, for example, uses a 2:1 spoke ratio to further improve the stiffness of the rear wheel.

D2 rim design

Aerodynamic performance is affected by wind direction. When developing the D2 rim profile, Shimano's engineers took both headwind and crosswind into account to ensure optimum performance under real-world riding conditions.

Extensive prototype testing in the wind tunnel and on the road has shown that a wide rim shape and deep rim well offer the best performance under a wide range of conditions. At yaw angles from 0 to 15 degrees, the D2 rim design reduces drag better than other aerodynamic rims. It also increases the wheel's lateral stiffness and improves vertical directional stability, resulting in more control, comfort and durability on the road. 

Technical details of the WH-R9270-C50-TL wheelset

  • tyre type: clincher, folding tyre, Tubeless
  • cross-section: symmetrical
  • external width: 28 mm / internal width: 21 mm
  • profile height: 50 mm
  • brake disc mount: Centerlock
  • freewheel body: Shimano HG L / EV (11/12-speed)
  • freehub type: Pawl
  • bearing: cup and cone (polished, CBN coated)
  • seals: contact sealings
  • O.L.D.: 12 x 100 mm / 12 x 142 mm (thru axle)
  • aero spokes (Straightpull, double butted, bladed)
  • spoke count: 24 (front + rear)
  • front spoke pattern: double crossed
  • rear spoke pattern: OPTBAL (left radial / right double crossed)



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