Product Description

Shift with more efficiency and confidence in your equipment with the ShimanoSW-R9160 Dura-Ace Di2 TT Bar End Shifters. Constructed solely for the use of plugging into the end of your aero bars, you can stay stretched out and powering along the course for longer, with more concentration and not have to move positions to change gear ever again.

Weighing just 37g, this pair of bar end shifters doesn't add much weight to your TT setup, but add a whole new host of functionality, such as full customisation and staying in a more streamlined position. You can choose which side shifts up, down and whether to shift one gear or multiple gears at the same time - ideal for the experienced rider who knows exactly what they want from their setup.


  • TT / Triathlon single button bar end shift switches are used to operate both front and rear derailleurs with synchronized shifting
  • Can be used on their own or in conjunction with STI
  • TT / Triathlon bar end shift switches give the added option of being able to operate the gears from two positions, either these aero extension or the STI lever while under braking which is only possible on a Di2 TT setup
  • For use with E-tube systems
  • Cables not included
RM645.00 MYR

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