Shimano ST R8070 Shifter Pair-Set

Product Description
The Ultegra BR-R8070 shift/brake lever combination with the hydraulic FlatMount brake caliper BR-R8070 by Shimano for road and cross bikes stands out for precise shifting and high braking power with great modulation. Even in adverse weather conditions, you will enjoy the pleasant feeling of safety on your road or cross bike.

The Shimano Ultegra ST-R8070 STI brake/shift lever set offers everything it takes to perfectly prepare your bike for the race against the time. The slimmer designed levers not only offer improved ergonomics and thus increased intuitive control. What’s more, the dual control levers (STI) give you the ultimate feeling of individual precision. Even with thick gloves on, you can clearly feel the separation between the shift buttons thanks to a more defined click feeling. 

The Synchro-Shift feature allows you to control rear and front derailleur with a single switch button for a perfect positioning of the gears. Under the top cover of the brake lever combination, you can find customizable buttons to control gear changes, third-party devices or other compatible components like bike computers. You can switch the multi-shift function individually off or on for every single switch. All Di2 settings ranging from shifting speed via Synchro-Shift through to multi-shift options can be done through the Shimano E-Tube app.

The hydraulic Ultegra BR-R8070 Flat Mount brake caliper offers perfect control for constant braking performance and aerodynamically integrates into your bicycle’s geometry.

Brake/shift lever combination Shimano Di2 STR8070
· Electronic Shimano shifting system
· Compatible with 11-speed/double
· Improved ergonomics and shifting performance
· Dual-Control (STI)
· Bite point and lever reach adjustment
· 2x E-Tube ports each
· 1x port for remote sprinter shifting each
· Servo Wave mechanism for faster response
· Handlebar inner diameter: 23,8 - 24,2 mm
· Material: carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFK), aluminium
· Weight: approx. 180 g (each)

Brake caliper Shimano BR-R8070 FlatMount
· Hydraulic disc brake system
· Constantly high braking power in any weather
· 2-piston ceramic system
· Brake hose: SM-BH90-JK
· Hose length: 1000 mm (front), 1700 mm (rear)
· Brake fluid: Shimano mineral oil
· Brake pads: plastic (resin, synthetic)
· Recommended brake rotors: SM-RT800 (Center Lock, item no.: 2260433) or SM-RT86 (6-hole, item no.: 1770063), SM-RT81SS (6-hole 140mm, item no.: 1770054)
· Material: aluminium
· Weight: approx. 140 g (each)
RM2,438.00 MYR RM2,708.00 MYR