Shimano SH-XC500 Mountainbike Cycling Shoe

Product Description


Synthetic Leather - Lighter, stronger and more durable than natural leathers

Reinforced Spike Mount - Reinforced spike mount for extreme conditions

Mini Power Strap (MPS) - Provides leverage and holding power in critical areas.

Mini power strap shoe lacing securely holds foot

Lightweight and rigid carbon fiber reinforced midsole

Supple synthetic leather with perforated venting for superior fit

Exclusive Michelin high-traction, mud-shedding tread

Rubber anti-slip arch outsole pattern

Reinforced spike mount for extreme conditions, 18 mm spike option

Includes additional laces
Best suited for cross country, cycle cross and gravel road.
Weight: 301g (Size 42)

RM425.00 MYR

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