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Shimano Duraace FC9100-P Powermeter

Shimano Duraace FC9100-P Powermeter

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The Dura Ace FC-R9100-P crankset is Shimano's first power meter, developed in collaboration with, a Shimano subsidiary specialising in bicycle ergonomics. The device measures the power in the crankarm, separately for left and right leg. The cadence and other values important for the training, such as pedal stroke, are also determined. The power meter can be paired with displays that are ANT+ or Bluetooth enabled. The FC-R9100-P crank thus helps to measure and record performance in real time and enables subsequent evaluation of the performance data. Just like the " normal" FC-R9100 without power measurement, the power meter crank is a Hollowtech crank with hollow forged aluminium arms and Hollowtech II construction for optimum stiffness to weight ratio. The large chainring was also hollowed to save weight (Hollowglide).


Application: Road, Triathlon
Type: power meter crankset (dual-sided)
Compatibility: Shimano 2x11-speed
Chainring Mount: 110 mm pitch circle, 4-arm asymmetrical


- integrated design
- water-resistant and designed for use in rainy weather
- integrated, rechargeable battery (charging time 2.5 h)
- fast system start and direct response
- total power and separate measurement of left and right leg (strain gauges in the crankarms)
- simple manual zeroing by pressing a button
- Firmware updates via E-Tube
- easy chainring change, because strain gauges are integrated in the crankarms and power meter in the spider
- charging via magnetic adapter
- communication with ANT+ or Bluetooth LE-enabled devices
- anodised crankarms and chainrings
- anodised aluminium chainring bolts
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