Shimano Duraace FC R9100 Outer Chainring

Product Description

The R9100 outer chainring features the Black-Pewter anodized fade polished finish and is sculpted to perfectly match the face and finish of the crank spider for make create a near seamless visual experience. When selecting a new outer chainring, please remember the inner and outer rings are designed as a system, so a 54T outer should be paired with the proper inner ring.


  • Genuine 11-spd R9100 outer chainring for replacement or gearing change
  • The 4-arm asymmetric spider design is nominally a 110bcd, but proprietary
  • Hollowglide 2-piece hollow chainring is incredibly strong, lightweight
  • Aluminum external layer, CFRP inner layer
  • Integrated tooth design employs Hyderdrive shift engineering
  • Highly engineered for optimal shift efficiency, chain retention, and wear
  • Outer rings are designed to match specific inner rings
    • 50T (34T), 52T (36T), 53T (39T), 54T (42T)
  • Options: 50, 52, 53, 54
  • Made in Japan
RM628.00 MYR RM669.00 MYR

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