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Shimano Duraace ST R9150 SS Di2 Shifter STI

Shimano Duraace ST R9150 SS Di2 Shifter STI

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With smaller, sleeker hoods, the Shimano Dura Ace Di2 2x11-speed compatible ST-R9150 STI units deliver improved ergonomics for better rider comfort and control, with reduced lever stroke and lighter action.

Most advanced component group of all time: The Shimano Dura Ace Di2 2x11-speed STI Dual Control ST-R9150

With the introduction of DURA-ACE R9100, Shimano has reestablished the new benchmark for road performance by improving each component and incorporating its newest technologies. DURA-ACE R9100 delivers unparalleled performance, highly-refined ergonomics and immense customization to maximize every rider’s potential.

Engineered for the next generation of race bike, DURA-ACE R9100 offers top-tier performance across numerous configurations. Available with either Di2 electronic or mechanical shifting, for the first time, riders now have the option of premium DURA-ACE hydraulic disc brake performance. New Shimano technologies further integrate the DURA-ACE as a system, including a new power meter, while riders further integrate with their bike through new E-Tube wireless connectivity. Shimano’s Rider Tuned philosophy and customization of the bicycle’s function also expands with a wider range drivetrain that now includes intuitive Shimano Synchro Shift control.

Features - Dura Ace Di2 ST-R9150 2x11-speed STI Dual Control Set

  • More control and confidence in race conditions
  • Dedicated brake lever shape, stroke, contact point, stiffness and dedicated shift paddles
  • Light weight
  • Carbon composite plastic material of hood
  • More intuitive, quicker shifting operation
  • More defined click feeling and ergonomic shift lever position
  • Customizable function to fit any riding style
  • Each switch has the option for multi-shift ON or OFF
  • E-TUBE project
  • Optimum power transmitted with grip firmly
  • Ideal ergonomic cover shape with better thickness & tenderness
  • Openable hood cover
  • Simple set up and maintenance
  • Easy replace hood cover
  • Openable hood cover
  • Customizable the function to fit in rider's riding style

Product features

  • Use: Road
  • Group: Dura Ace Di2
  • Model: ST-R9150
  • Type: Dual-Control (STI)
  • Handlebar mounting: left/right
  • Gear front: 2-speed
  • Gear rear: 11-speed
  • Optical gear display: No
  • Lever reach adjust: Yes
  • Handlebar diameter: 23.8mm/24.2mm
  • Brake-type: SLR-EV
  • Compatible: EW-SD50
  • Master unit: No
  • Firmware update by E-tube Project: Yes
  • E-tube port (pcs): 4
  • E-tube connector (pcs): 0
  • Port for remote sprinter shifter (pcs): 2


  • Body: CFRP
  • Lever: Carbon, painted


  • 230g / pair (manufacturer information)
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