Shimano Dura-Ace OT RS900 Shift Outer Casing For Rear Derailleur

Product Description


The SHIMANO RS900 Shift Outer Casing helps ensure smooth shifting action of the rear derailleur thanks to its superior construction and materials.


Diameter: 4 mm

Length: 240 mm

Recommended Cable Diameter: 1.2 mm

Liner: polyethylene

Color: Black


- RD-R9100

- RD-R8000

- RD-R7000

- RD-RX810

- RD-RX812

- RD-RX400


- pre-lubricated with special silicone grease to ensure smooth shifting

The Shimano OT-RS900 shifter cable housing is required for Dura Ace RD-R9100, Ultegra RD-R8000, 105 RD-R7000 and other current 11-speed Road and Gravel rear derailleurs. The reason for this is the smaller radius, which results when the cable is routed from the frame to the rear derailleur and cannot be produced with the rigid standard cable housing OT-SP41. The OT-RS900 cable housing is 240 mm long and has a diameter of 4 mm.


RM22.00 MYR