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Shimano Deore M611 Front Derailure

Shimano Deore M611 Front Derailure

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The Shimano Deore front derailleurs FD-M610 and FD-M611 can be used as 3x front derailleurs for different bikes and riding styles, provided a 10-speed MTB drivetrain is used. The cage of the FD-M610 is located above the clamp, and below the FD-M61. The Deore front derailleurs are integrated into the Dyna-Sys gear system and ensure smooth and efficient gear changes.


Series: Deore M610
Application: All Mountain, Cross Country
Gearing: 3x (combined with 10-speed)
Chainstay Angle: 66-69°
Chainline: 50 mm
Chainring Size (max.): 42/40 teeth
Capacity: 18 teeth
Difference Between Large & Middle Chainring: 10 teeth
Cable Routing: top pull, dual pull
Movement: top-swing, down-swing
Mount: low clamp, high clamp
Clamp Diameter: 34.9 mm with adapter 31.8 mm/28.6 mm
Compatibility: HG-X 10-speed chains

Technical Information:

Outer Body Material: steel (FD-M610), aluminium (FD-M611)
Inner Body Material: aluminium
Cage Material: steel


- 2 joint bushings (FD-M610) or 8 joint bushings (FD-M611)
- painted parallelogram
- cage plates pearl blasted


Dyna-Sys stands not only for an additional gear, but also for narrower gear steps that shift more smoothly and optimise power transmission. It's about more optimal gear combinations that minimise power loss and wear. Dyna-Sys technology ensures seamless shifting operations. The rider pedals consistently round and efficient. Traction and momentum are always guaranteed.
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