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Shimano BT-DN3003 Di2 Battery - Built-In Type

Shimano BT-DN3003 Di2 Battery - Built-In Type

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Shimano BT-DN3003 Di2 Battery - Built-In Type

Thanks to its compact dimensions, the flat Shimano BT-DN300 battery can be integrated inconspicuously into the seatpost or frame. Not only in terms of dimensions, it is similar to its predecessor BT-DN110, but also concerning waterproofness, it is in no way inferior.

The lithium-ion battery features three SD300 ports for the connection to front and rear derailleur. The third connector is used in the case of a fully cabled Di2 groupset.

In-house tests with the components of the current Dura Ace R9200/R9250 and Ultegra R8100/R8150 12-speed series have shown that the battery provides a powerful and stable power supply for the powerful actuators of the rear and front derailleur over a range of 1000 km on average.

Technical details of the Shimano BT-DN300 Di2 battery pack

  • battery type: Li Ion
  • rated capacity: 3.7 Wh / 0.5 Ah
  • rated voltage: 7.4 V
  • ports: 3x EW-SD300
activity: Cycling
battery ernergy: 3.7Wh
voltage: 7.4V
battery: Custom Li-Ion/LiPo Pack
bike shifting accessories version: Batteries
number of ports: 3
software compatibility: Shimano E-Tube
Model year: 2022
weight: 52g
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