Shimano Duraace WH R9170 C60 Tubular Disc Wheelset

Product Description
The DURA-ACE C60 series carbon wheelset, available in both rim- and disc brake version, provides improved rigidity thanks to a wide flange hub and offset rim so you can reach that next level of aerodynamic performance. 

Each wheel has 24 reinforced stainless steel spokes. The rear wheel is centered on a aluminium freehub body and creates the delicate balance - so crucial to acceleration and speed - between light weight and rigidity. 

Note: For 10-speed, the supplied 1,85mm spacer ring is required.
Weight: approx. 1500 gram (set)
(front: approx. 671 gram, rear: approx. 829 gram - manufacturer information)
RM8,940.00 MYR