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Scott 2022 Frame Foil RC Supersonic HMX Disc

Scott 2022 Frame Foil RC Supersonic HMX Disc

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  • Our Supersonic Collection of products was developed with one thing in mind - pure race speed. When you're up against the clock or your fiercest rivals, know that you have the necessary products to break all barriers. Strike fear into the heart of your competitors with the Foil Supersonic Edt.

    HMX Carbon Disc Mainframe, compatible for eletr. and mech. Shifting
  • FORK

    HMX Carbon fork for Disc Brake

    Foil Headset and Spacer
    Expander for Carbon Steertube and Topcap,
    Syncros SL Foil Carbon seatpost
    Syncros ROAD plug-in thru axle

    Frame 970g / 2.13lbs / Fork 350g, / 0.77lbs
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