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Schwalbe Doc Blue Pro Sealant

Schwalbe Doc Blue Pro Sealant

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Ideally suited for Tubeless conversions. Produced by Stan’s NoTubes! It can also be used as a puncture preventative for bicycle tubes, tubular tires and standard Tubeless systems.

At Hunt Wheels we have been using testing various tubeless sealants and have found the Schwalbe Doc blue to be one of the most effective over a long period of time especially in warmer condition. Doc blue sealant was used our Hunt Brand manager in the 2015 Trans Continental Race, a 2600mile unsupported race across Europe in the heat of summer, inside Schwalbe One tyres mounted to our 4 Season Disc wheels. He suffered no punctures over the duration of the race and upon removing the tyres after the race there was still plenty of free flowing latex inside the tyre, essential for puncture sealing. We now use this sealant as standard when we factory fit tyres to customer wheelsets.

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