San Marco Shortfit Open-Fit Superleggera W144C

Product Description
AN MARCO Shortfit Open-Fit Superleggera Saddle 2020
SUPERLEGGERA simply the lightest saddle padded in this market.
The SHORTFIT saddle was created to meet the demands of the most demanding athletes who, for certain types of training or pedaling, rotate a lot with their torso, moving close to the handlebar.
The particular ergonomic shape of this new saddle characterized by a reduced length, in fact ensures a proper support in the generous rear and an optimum distribution of pressures in its front part.
The large central hole (Open-Fit) guarantees maximum comfort and support in different pedaling situations and over the entire length of the saddle, assisting blood circulation and relieving pressure in the prostate area. This feature is particularly important for cyclists with good pelvis rotation and for the female user.
The saddle has the lateral profile of the seat surface identifiable with a curved line having a central depression greater than 5 mm and is therefore classified as Waved. This particularity makes the saddle particularly comfortable even for subjects with flat backs (rear basin), facilitating correct cycling posture.
Frame: Carbon Waist - DNA
Body: Full Carbon Shell
Padding: Pebax
Cover: Microfeel
Dimensions: 250 x 144 mm
Weight: 125 gr
Level: Super light
Idmatch size: L3
RM1,950.00 MYR

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