Rotor Shimano Ultegra R8000 Covers Set 110 x 4

Product Description

ROTOR SHIMANO ULTEGRA 8000 BOLT COVER SET 110X4 For seamless integration of your Q-Rings or QXL oval chainrings with your Shimano Ultegra 8000 series cranks, use the Rotor Bolt Cover Set 110x4. With a 110mm Bolt Circle Diameter (BCD) they fit the Ultegra crankset perfectly, creating a streamlined look between the chainrings and spider.

FEATURES Chainring cover bolts

Designed to fit Shimano 8000 110 BCD 4 bolt mounting Q-Rings and QXL oval chainrings

Specially designed flush-fit cover bolts for Shimano 4-bolt Ultegra cranks (8000 series)

RM252.00 MYR RM280.00 MYR