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Rotor Road Axle - 24mm

Rotor Road Axle - 24mm

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The Rotor Aldhu 3D+ Axle joins the Aldhu crank arms. It is also essential to the system, as the splines on the right side of the axle are where the spider attaches to the bottom bracket.

There are two options: Standard and Offset. In both cases, the spindle has a 30mm diameter and works with most bottom bracket standards. Those standards are: BB30, BB386, PF30, PF4130, PF4630, and UBB30. The last standard is Rotor’s threaded bottom bracket, both in English and Italian versions, which we have.

The Standard version is for standard road bikes. It is 147mm wide, resulting in a 43.5mm chain line. Weight is 96g.

The Offset version is for disc brake road bikes. It is offset to the right by 2.5mm, with a 152mm width and 46cm chain line. Weight is 99g.

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