ROSTI Frecce Tricolori Jersey

Product Description


For the Frecce Tricolori jerseys our sights are set high. The Frecce Tricolori patrol (officially known as "313th Acrobatic Training Group, National Aerobatic Team (PAN) Frecce Tricolori") was born in 1961. The Frecce are the world’s largest acrobatics patrol and are the most famous around the globe. The Rosti design team is honoured to create its stylistic project around the National Acrobatics Patrol of the Italian Air Force.  Like A.M. and Aeronautica Militare Vintage, the Frecce jersey belongs to the collections authorised by the Italian Air Force under a license granted by Servizi Difesa Spa. The fabric used for the Frecce Jersey is a special, breathable, moisture wicking stretch Lycra. Giro cut, perfect fit and high collar. The Frecce jersey hugs the body also thanks to the silicone gripper around the waist that prevents it from involuntarily riding up.  


Property                   - Breathable

Fabric                       - KENT® 

Cut                           - TOUR

Weather Conditions  - Summer

RM331.00 MYR RM473.00 MYR

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