ROSTI Androni Giocattoli Sidermec Bibshort 2021(CX Replica)

Product Description


The Androni Giocattoli Sidermec replica shorts are developed with our super enveloping Pro-1 fit. The straps are in lycra mesh. On this product, we have focused on the pad (chamois) which ensures a very low thermal conductivity and stimulates blood circulation at the points of contact between the ischial bones and the saddle. The ANDRONI GIOCATTOLI SIDERMEC Replica shorts are made with ultra-breathable, ecological Thunderbike fabric and, above all, do not create any waste. The bottom is an AIRGAP® by DWM® entirely made with recycled yarns. Suitable for medium distances thanks to the structure of the surface fabric assembled with a structured perforation foam that allows rapid drying. The high density foam with progressive cut makes a comfortable and uniform seat. 

Technical Property                        BREATHING

Weather Conditions                     SUNP

roduct Cutting                             PRO1

Pad                                              AIRGAP

Suspender                                    MeshSolar

Protection (UV Index)                   7

Washing Instructions                   BIBSHORTS

Griglo Antracite
Grigio Antracite
RM450.00 MYR RM474.00 MYR

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