ROSTI Pantaloncino Alterego Cycling BIbshort

Product Description


ALTEREGO: Greater superpowers and the ego that breathes.  Alterego are the BAND cut summer shorts, a technical and highly wearable item. The fabric of Alterego is Thunderbike, 80% Polyamide and 20% Elastane. Thunderbike is a rubber polymer with high resistance to pilling – a defect of textiles that leads to the formation of small fuzzballs and jeopardises the integrity of the fabric. The Bormio pad, with its blend of high impact foam and gel, improves impact absorption and the reduction of vibrations. Silicone gripper around the thigh. The braces are made in a special Lycra mesh with fully edged hexagonal texture.

Data sheet

Property                               Breathable
Fabric                                    THUNDERBIKE®
Cut                                        PRO-1
Weather Conditions            Summer
RM338.00 MYR RM484.00 MYR

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