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Repente Quasar Road Saddle Stainless Steel

Repente Quasar Road Saddle Stainless Steel

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Description of Repente Quasar Saddle - Black

Quasar saddle, a combination of aesthetics and performance.

Only first-class materials and technologies were used for this saddle. Designed and developed thanks to the suggestions of professional athletes and the many enthusiasts who use the Repente saddles on and off road.

Technical features of the Repente Quasar Saddle

  • Coating: water-based PU microfibre
  • Padding: polyurethane foam
  • Support frame: PA12 Long Carbon Fiber (LCF).
  • Rail: Aisi Stainless Steel - Shot 304
  • Dimensions: 260 mm (10.24 inches) x 142 mm (5.59 inches)

Further Details of the Repente Quasar Saddle

The flat shaped Quasar saddle with a seat width of 142 mm has a central opening inserted into a wide channel. The wide rear support surface has been modelled according to anatomical and ergonomic criteria and is thus a special feature of all Repente saddles. The Close Fit effect created by this special shaping makes the seat comfortable without having to resort to thick layers of padding. This allows you to immediately find the most effective position on the saddle.

The shell is made of PA12 reinforced with long carbon fibres (LCF technology). The padding is made of polyurethane, while a non-slip water-based polyurethane microfiber has been chosen for the cover.

The rail is made of stainless Aisi steel, a type of steel with extremely high mechanical properties. Repente has further strengthened it by subjecting it to a special process called Shot 304, which hardens the surface of the metal and makes it more resistant.

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