Repente Latus M Saddle - 142mm

Product Description

Product description Repente Latus M Saddle

Wide but not too wide, lightweight and amazingly comfortable! Latus M is the full carbon saddle for cyclists who prefer a slightly wider fit than traditional saddles.

Its 142 mm width is one of the standard dimensions most in demand commercially in the wide seat range.

The materials and construction concepts used reflect those of the CL model:

from autoclave processing of unidirectional carbon fibre to the differential section rail, and from the wide longitudinal anatomical channel to the Eva padding, shaped to ensure adequate support even in the seat tip area.

Latus M dimensions are 240mm x 142mm.

Its weight does not exceed 140 grams.

It is a saddle suitable for both road riders and offroad enthusiasts.

Its compact size and the shape of the front enhance freedom of movement during pedalling.

Its level of finishing highlights Repente´s trademark attention to every detail - a common feature shared by all its products.


RM1,099.00 MYR RM1,219.00 MYR

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