RAVEMEN FR160 USB Front Light (Garmin Mount)

Product Description


Product Features

1. Highly efficient COB LEDs with max 160 lumens

2. Eye-catching warning flash for daytime riding and multiple brightness levels for various riding environments

3. Compatible with Garmin computers and Garmin bike mounts

4. USB-C charging port to charge the light easily

5. Mode memory function to remember the last used mode

6. IPX6 water-resistance for heavy rain

7. (Sold separately) Insert and mounting tab for Wahoo computers and mounts; insert for Bryton computers

Tech Specifications


Battery: 380mAh/3.7V rechargeable Li-polymer battery

Dimensions (Headlight): 75mm (L)*57mm (W)*21mm (H)

Weight (Headlight): 55g

Design and specifications are subject to change without notice. 

How to use:

  • The light can be mounted between Garmin bike mount and computers;
  • Replaceable parts QTM01/QTM02 (Sold Separately) are also available for Wahoo/Bryton computers;
  • For Wahoo computers and mounts, replace the insert and the mounting tab of the light with QTM01;
  • For Bryton computers, replace the insert of the light with QTM02 however Garmin mount is still required. 
RM134.00 MYR RM149.00 MYR

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