PRO Stealth Performance Saddle

Product Description

PRO Stealth Performance Saddle

The PRO Stealth Performance saddle is a short, high-performance saddle for road bikes that allows riders to maintain a pre-bent, aggressive riding position for long periods of time.

Features of the PRO Stealth Performance Saddle

  • For an aggressive aerodynamic riding position
  • Soft PU cover
  • Compatible with PRO saddle accessories
  • Wide anatomical relief area
  • Short nose with wide design
  • Carbon reinforced polymer saddle shell
  • EVA padding

Details of the PRO Stealth Performance saddle

Designed for sport-oriented riders, the PRO Stealth Performance saddle is aimed at road cyclists who strive for an aggressive aerodynamic riding position. The saddle shell is made of carbon reinforced polymer that rests on a stainless steel frame, and features lightweight EVA padding on top with a soft PU cover. This performance saddle is available in widths of 142 and 152 mm. Its wide nose and wide anatomical relief area with the legendary design of three saddle stays ensure that flexible riders can lean into a low riding position from the pelvis. At the same time, the saddle ensures that riders do not suffer from pressure on vessels or nerves in the perineal area.

Product Name: PRO Stealth Performance Saddle
Manufacturer: PRO
Item Code: ORP544534
activity: Bike
material: Carbon
usage bikesport: Road Bike
pressure relief: with Relief / Cutout
saddle cover: Synthetic
saddle rails: Steel Alloy
saddle rail diamater: 7
saddle padding: Foam
Model year: 2022
Color: Black
weight: 204g
RM558.00 MYR RM589.00 MYR

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