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Pirelli Cinturato Velo TLR

Pirelli Cinturato Velo TLR

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PIRELLI CINTURATO VELO TLR TUBELESS READY SmartNET Silica - Armour Tech - Tubeless Ready 700X26 700X28C

Pirelli's latest bycicle tyre, designed to optimize comfort and puncture resistance, without compromising performance.

Thanks to the SmartNET Silica compound, initially designed for motorsports, this new tyre provides an excellent grip, while guaranteeing a good puncture protection thanks to its ArmourTech construction. The latter combines combines a Nylon bead-to-bead high density layer to an aramid breaker and aramid fibers dispersed into the tread.

• SmartNet Silica compound: these unique silica particles, long shaped instead of spheric, are able to position themselves in an organized longitudinal way instead of in a chaotic structure, ensuring low rolling resistance
• Armour Tech Construction: high-density bead-to-bead antipuncture breaker, as well as an aramid breaker and aramid fibers dispersed into the tread, for maximum protection
• Functional Groove Design : tread pattern angles, depths ans distances were researched to maximise performance in terms of water outflow, dry and wet grip, mileage, tyre response as well as comfort and handling.
• Ideal Contour Shaping : the use of CAD software along with subsequent analysis of the finite elements helped optimize the construction parameters of the tyre contour and repeatedly simulate performance.
• 127 tpi casing

Smart and environmental friendly: the rubber band used to keep the tyre in place is actually a silicon wristband branded Pirelli.
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