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PARCOURS Grimpeur 40mm Wheelset (Rim Brake)

PARCOURS Grimpeur 40mm Wheelset (Rim Brake)

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Built for riders who enjoy pushing their limits on inclines, and agonise over every gram of weight on their bike, the Grimpeur is our lightest, shallowest carbon wheelset. For those who love the sensation of flying upward, powering through switchbacks with the summit in sight

With a name like Grimpeur, you know straight away this is a wheelset for the climbers. Those who ride an extra hill rep just because they can, or add in a hilly detour on the way home because the view is better from the top, our lightweight wheelset isn't just about easing the suffering on the way up but enjoying the ride down too.

The Grimpeur delivers a tangible aerodynamic benefit due to the U-shaped rim and Sapim CX-Ray spokes, despite its comparatively shallow 40mm rim profile, making it one of the lightest aero wheels available at only 1,320g. Aerodynamically optimised for 25mm tyres, the Grimpeur wheelset isn’t just a lightweight set to be ridden at hill climbs, it’s a versatile, all-round performer. The 25mm tyre is a multi-faceted option, which allows you to tweak your tyre pressures, as well as delivering reduced rolling resistance compared to a 23mm.

Although designed as a clincher rim, if used with our tubeless kit (or similar ), the Grimpeur can be made tubeless-ready. The Parcours textured brake surface improves rim braking performance through an industry-standard high TG resin, providing reliable and consistent braking in all but the rainiest conditions.

Freehub: Shimano/SRAM 11-speed

Rim depth 40.0mm
Max rim width
Internal rim width 19.0mm
Weight 1,350g (595g front / 755g rear)
Spokes Sapim CX-Ray (20 front / 24 rear)
Lacing pattern Radial (front) / 2-cross (rear DS/NDS)
Hubs Parcours Rim Straight-pull
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