Oakley Cycling Helmet AR05

Product Description


uned for speed and ready for heart-ponding sprint finishes, ARO5 is an aerodynamic and comfortably lightweight design with BOA’s 360 degree fit system, MIPS Brain Protection, and a moisture wicking brow pad.

AERODYNAMICS AND THERMAL REGULATION : Engineered to provide an aerodynamic form that optimizes speed and ventilation


  • Eyewear Dock : Specifically engineered to function without having to worry about eyewear interference. The Oakley ARO5 features an integrated eyewear dock to securely stow shades and keep them handy for quick and easy access.
  • BOA FS1-1 System : The 360-degree fit system is the result of a collaboration between Oakley and BOA, introducing for the first time in cycling helmets, a TX1 braided tecitile lace retention system. Desigent and egineered for less interference with glasses and pressure against the temple, the TX1 Lace lies flat against the athlete's head, allowing eyewear to sit naturally.

ANTI-MICROBIAL X-STATIC BROWPAD : Prevents stink by inhibiting the growth of bacteria on fabric, eliminating human-based odor for the life of the brow pad.

MIPS : A petented brain protection system to help protect heads against impact that can come from any direction.

Details :

  • Lightweight Polycarbonate shell
  • Vane support structure
  • 360 degree fit band
  • X-Static® brow padding
  • EPS protective foam
  • MIPS® Brain Protection System
  • BOA® FS1-1 System


Gender Women
Material Polycarbonate
RM1,165.00 MYR

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