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Namedsport Hydrafit 400g With/Bottle

Namedsport Hydrafit 400g With/Bottle

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Description of NAMEDSPORT HydraFit Beverage Powder 400g + Bottle 500ml

Powder for a hypotonic drink with minerals, maltrodextrin and 9 vitamins

Includes a free Giro D´Italia 2018 water bottle 500 ml - Limited Edition!

HydraFit is an exclusive blend of mineral salts, maltodextrin and vitamins that has been specially created into a hypotonic electrolyte drink. (Osmolarity 190 mOsm/l). HydraFit is the ideal solution for replacing the mineral salts lost by the body due to excessive sweating during intense exercise. Magnesium and potassium proper muscle functions and reduce the effects of fatigue.

Highlights of NAMEDSPORT HydraFit

  • Hyptononic drink with minerals, maltrodextrin and 9 vitamins
  • Replaces lost mineral salts
  • Helps reduce fatigue and tiredness
  • Increases energy and muscular efficiency
  • Helps prevent cramps and muscular pain

Recommended usage:

Before and during training. 1 serving (20 g, corresponding to 2 at tablespoons) in 500 ml of water. Take between 50 to 100 ml’s at regular intervals approximately every 15 - 20 minutes. Take up to 3 servings daily (60 g).

This product should not be considered as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Not suitable for children. Do not exceed the daily intake of 60 g (3 servings). Keep out of each of young children. Store in a cool, dry place. Dispose of in an environmentally friendly way after use.
Included in delivery: 1 can á 400 g + free Giro D´Italia 2018 Sportbottle 500 ml
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