Muc Off Wet Lube Race

Product Description


Muc-Off Wet Lube Lubricant 

An Ultra durable, long distance lubrication and protection. It excels in long distance, wet or muddy conditions. Muc-Off Wet Chain Lube penetrates deep into your chain links core to provide long lasting lubrication and total protection. The drivetrain will run silky smooth and ultra efficient. It repels water and inhibits rust and corrosion. Ideal for chain, cables, shifters, derailleurs, pedals and cleats.

Details of the Muc-Off Wet Lube Lubricant

  • ensures silky smooth gear shifts
  • reduces friction and energy consumption
  • excels in wet, muddy riding conditions
  • repels water for chain and component protection
  • can be applied to chain, shifters, cables and derailleurs
  • Ideal for MTB, Road and Cyclocross
  • vegetable oil based formula for eco protection
  • 100 % biodegradable
RM28.00 MYR RM31.00 MYR

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