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Muc Off Tubeless Valve Kit 80mm

Muc Off Tubeless Valve Kit 80mm

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It is not without reason that Muc-Off refers to its tubeless valves as premium. Because both from a visual and a technical point of view, the Muc Off Tubeless valves leave a first-class impression. With 3 different rubber fittings, they are compatible with all common Tubeless rims and ensure an optimal seal between valve and rim. Rubber sealing rings under the knurled nuts avoid force peaks in sensitive lightweight rims and protect the rim surface. Visually, the valves made of aluminum 6061 convince with their 8 different bright anodized colors. Matching the valves, the valve caps and knurled nuts are also anodized and decorated with muc-off logos. Practical gimmick: The valves come with a core removal tool that can also be used as a valve cap.

Technical specifications:

Material: 6061 aluminum, plastic, rubber
Valve Type: Sclaverand (French or Presta, road bike valve)
Length: 60 mm
Valve hole in rim: max. 8 mm diameter

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