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Muc Off Puncture Patches Kit

Muc Off Puncture Patches Kit

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    Don't let a puncture bring your ride to a standstill. Available in a handy travel-sized pouch it can be kept in a jersey pocket or pannier bag, including everything you need to get you rolling again.


    • 6x Glueless Patches (25mm)
    • 1x Sandpaper
    • Travel Size - Can be kept inside a jersey pocket, tool bottle or saddle bag

    HOW TO

    1. Try to keep the area free of dirt and debris during the whole procedure.
    2. Sand down the punctured area on the inner tube, then pump a little air into the inner tube to give it shape, but not too much that it stretches out.
    3. Hold a clean finger over the hole to prevent too much air from escaping, peel off a patch and place it so the puncture is in the centre.
    4. Starting from the centre, press down firmly, working your way out to the sides.
    5. Repeat to ensure a strong bond is achieved.
    6. Re-fit the inner tube inside your tyre and inflate to the specified PSI.
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