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Muc Off Nanotube Chain Lube 50ml

Muc Off Nanotube Chain Lube 50ml

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Nanotube Chain Lube top-up bottle is now available! Created using cutting edge, intensive research and development our Nanotube Chain Lube allows you to re-treat your chain for many more miles of ultimate speed in all weathers. This lube will allow you to achieve significant savings within 1-2 watts of your chain’s original optimum performance. This new, state of the art formula pushes the boundaries of chain lube innovation and is designed specifically to keep friction to an absolute bare minimum over a long period.

- Please ensure your entire drivetrain is thoroughly degreased prior to use. If you can sonic clean your chain rings and rear cassette then please do so (using our drivetrain cleaner formula) to ensure the smoothest and fastest possible interface between your new chain and drive surface. If you don´t have access to a sonic cleaner, then please follow our step-by-step videos and guides to drive chain cleaning on our website.

- We recommend wearing workshop gloves for the install. The Nanotube film is black by nature and almost looks dirty, but this is just the Nanotube powder/synthetic lubricant mix. So don´t worry, it may not look fast, but believe us it is!

- Ensure your working environment is also clean in case you drop the chain during install. We recommend using our Bike Mat under your work stand, so if you do drop it, you won´t pick up any grit or grime. Start by reducing your chain to the desired length. Now fit as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

- The chain needs to be run in under load to reach its optimum. Using 250+ watts, this will take approximately 4 hours. Once this is done it will remain at its optimum in all conditions until it’s ready for cleaning and retreatment.
- If you are using your chain in dusty conditions you may wish to wipe the chain to minimise dust pick up, but this will reduce the durability of the treatment.

- Your chain will run in dry conditions for approximately 400+ miles and in wet for approximately 250+ miles. Log each ride so you know when you will need to re-treat it.

Cleaning in-between treatments:
- Y- ou can clean your bike and wash the chain lightly with water in between stages/races without the need to degrease or re-lube the chain if your total mileage is below the recommended durations above. You may wish to remove the chain and then thoroughly clean the rest of the drivetrain if needed.

- When you are ready to clean your chain, bring it back to within 1-2 watts of its optimum by applying the top up Nanotube Chain Lube. This means you can thoroughly clean and re-treat your chain for many more hundreds of miles of ultimate speed. It won´t be as fast as when it was first treated, as we use a special technique and processes to ensure the formula is driven deep into each link for 100% coverage, but you can still achieve significant savings. Don’t worry, it will still be one of the fastest chains on the planet for many more 1000’s of miles!


- All-weather lubricant
- Returns chain efficiency to within 1-2 watts of its optimum
- Can last up to 400 miles before reapplication needed
- Contains nanotube additives for optimum efficiency
- Used by the world’s greatest cycling teams and athletes

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