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Muc Off LUDICROUS AF Lube (50ml)

Muc Off LUDICROUS AF Lube (50ml)

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 MUC-OFF chain lubricant Ludicrous AF Lube | 50ml

The fastest chain oil in the world !?

This bottle with liquid magic was developed by the Muc-Off laboratory tinkerers in over three years. The result is a leading piece of science in its category that delivers unrivaled performance through cutting-edge research and innovation. It is the F1 car among chain lubricants - reduced to the essentials. This means: no dyes, no fragrances, no additional corrosion inhibitor, just a unique mixture of environmentally friendly raw materials that minimize chain friction and wear and at the same time maximize performance under all conditions. It all means one thing - RAW SPEED.

Ludicrous AF was developed in secret together with the pro cycling teams INEOS Grenadiers, EF Education-NIPPO and Bahrain McLaren and takes drive performance to a whole new level. Perfected during the 2020 Grand Tour season, with several podiums and an overall victory at the Giro d'Italia 2021. There is no faster lubricant!

- extremely low coefficient of friction
- Lowest wear of the chain components
- very resistant at all temperatures (in contrast to waxing)
- Provides ultimate performance in wet and humid conditions as well as dry and dusty conditions
- environmentally friendly ingredients for maximum performance (petroleum-free)
- biodegradable and sustainable
- Extends the life of the chain
- proprietary additives for self-lubricating capabilities
- synthetic polymers for long distance performance
- excellent wear properties for incredible durability up to 2000 kilometers
- works at temperatures down to -20 ° C

Technical specifications:

intended use : lubrication of chains
Weather conditions: all weather
Oil type: synthetic
Container: dropper bottle
Capacity: 50 ml

Weight according to the manufacturer: n / a
Weight weighed: 59g

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