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Muc Off Bike Cleaner Concentrate 1 Liters

Muc Off Bike Cleaner Concentrate 1 Liters

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Muc-Off Bike Cleaner Concentrate Nano Gel 1000ml

Just one 1 litre pouch will make four liter bottles of Nano Tech Bike Cleaner! The Bike Cleaner concentrate can also be used as a powerful degreaser in its concentrate form and it really works like a charm in Muc-Off's X1 Chain Cleaning Device!

Re-using is even better for the environment than recycling, and that's what makes the Bike Cleaner Concentrate so amazing. Each Bike Cleaner Concentrate pouch uses less packaging than the 4 bottles of 1 litre Muc-Off Bike Cleaner. So don't chuck out your old Bike Cleaner bottle; save it and save the planet.

The Bike Cleaner Concentrate is safe to use on your bike's frame, forks, headsets, shock units, bars, grips, seats, pivot points, rims, wheels, spokes, hubs, disc brakes, suspension parts, gears/sprockets, aluminium, anodised metal, paintwork, chrome, carbon fibre, steel, plastics, composites, decals and rubber.
Included in delivery: 1000 ml bottle
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