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Morgan Blue Professional Kit

Morgan Blue Professional Kit

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Description of Morgan Blue Professional Kit

The Morgan Blue Professional Kit comes in an 10 liter pail and contains:

  • Chain Cleaner 1000 ml
  • Bike Wash 1000 ml
  • Race Oil 125 ml
  • Chain Keeper
  • Cleaning glove
  • Cloth
  • Quick & Clean Brush
  • Chain Brush
  • Wheel Brush
  • Cassette Brush

Chain Cleaner: An active cleaner-degreaser for the chain and gears. This degreaser is used by several professional teams.

Bike-Wash is a strong, active soap which was developed especially for the cleaning of bikes. Contains a protective wax-component and let your bike shine.

Race Oil: Professional, high quality lubricant for bike applications. Contains synthetic additives to obtain a reduction of friction, a smoother gear shift, a reduction of wear and a longer lubrication-time. For use in all weather conditions.
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