Minoura B60R Without Mag Riser

Product Description

The B-series models offer a good quality trainer without any frills. They have a sturdy stable frame, decent resistance levels, are reasonably quiet and great value for money.

The frame is a slightly simplified U-shape frame compared to the M70 series, to reduce cost, while the Magnetic resistance unit is very similar to the very successful M70 model. This model comes supplied with a remote control that fits onto your handlebar and has 7 levels of resistance. The B60 also features an accurately spin-balanced 600 gram flywheel, to assist the roller to retain a smooth rotation at all times. The B60's frame design looks very similar to the M-series frame. It uses 38mm steel tubing for the U-shape, which is durable enough to supply 100% support, for riders up to 120kg in weight. The U-shape is supported by 29mm legs, which fold slightly outwards for a very stable platform. They also fold flat for best possible storage. The paint finish of the frame is a rustproof powder coat paint, versus the multi-layer wet-paint for all other models.

RM590.00 MYR RM645.00 MYR

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