Minoura Action Roller Advance V10

Product Description

The Minoura Action Roller Advance features a smaller 80mm diameter roller drum for greater resistance and a lightweight folding frame for convenience. Compatible with a wide range of wheel sizes.

  • Resistance Adjustability: Option (7 levels, non-remote)
  • Applicable Wheel Size: 24-inch – 700c
  • Roller Drum Size: 80 x 370mm (normal)/460mm (wide)
  • Dimension: D 1,310 x W 490 (normal)/580 (wide) x H 110mm (opened)
  • Wheelbase Adjustability: 970 – 1,090mm
  • Net Weight: 4.6kg (normal)/4.9kg (wide)
  • Max Load: 120kg (including bike weight)
RM673.00 MYR RM720.00 MYR

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