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Magene S3 Speed Caddence Sensor

Magene S3 Speed Caddence Sensor

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The new speed cadence dual-mode sensor from Maijin Technology, 

the GEMINI200 upgrade, switches between speed and cadence mode by reinstalling the battery. 

With ANT+Bluetooth dual protocol, the data is accurate and does 

not require magnet sensing. It is the best companion for GPS code and riding app.

Maijin Technology's new speed cadence dual-mode sensor, GEMINI200 upgrade models, through the reloading battery switch between speed and cadence mode, using ANT + Bluetooth dual protocol, accurate data, no magnet sensing, is GPS code table and riding APP The best companion.


Wireless Connect: Bluetooth 4.0/ANT+ 

Data: Cadence/Speed 

Size: 85*29.8*38.3mm 

Weight: 9g(with battery) 

Water Proof: IP66 

Sensor: Geomagnetic sensor 

Working Temperature: -20-50℃

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